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Missouri Literacy Association

An Affiliate of International Literacy Association

The mission of the Missouri Literacy Association is to empower educators, ensure equity, inspire students & encourage leaders with the equitable resources they need to make literacy accessible for all in our diverse community.


To current and future members of the Missouri Literacy Association:

MLA is in a period of growth and rebirth. For starters, please do check out our Facebook page. We now have more than 3,000 followers.  We have reached 10,825 folks with our posts, had 120 views of videos we posted. Kudos to Mary Jo Barker and her team. They have a nice balance of posts that are inspirational and informational.  Check out @mscira on Facebook, you’ll be glad you did.

For over 40 years MLA has published a professional peer reviewed journal. Lately we’ve been doing three issues a year, and we love to get articles from both university professors and classroom teachers (and in the best of all worlds, classroom teachers collaborating with university professors.) I am one of the co-editors. Nationally known authors like David Harrison, Tim Rasinski, Molly Ness and Eric Litwin contributed to our issues. Access to this journal is one of your member benefits.

We have a number of active chapters around the state:

  • Jasper County (Carthage)

  • Northwest (St. Joseph)

  • Springfield

  • St. Louis Suburban

  • Truman State - Student 

 They have many wonderful literacy events and literacy projects going on including some that have gotten thousands of books into the hands of children. For those of you who are national members but not local members that’s a good reason for you to join both. Joining MLA means you can become a part of the very active literacy scene in your part of the state (think speakers and projects).  Joining MLA automatically gives you membership in the local of your choice or an at large membership if you like. 

During the ILA Conference this fall, I watched a live stream of a session that included P.D. Pearson, Nell Duke and others talking about comprehension. It is the best session I’ve ever experienced in my almost 50 years of teaching. See ILAtoday and #ILAchat for ideas about what was said.  The chat that came with the session included links to PDF’s of research cited in the sessions. I was able to log in and watch for free from my home with my ILA membership credentials. So there is a good reason for those of you who are MLA members but not national members to consider joining the national organization.  Although I live in St. Louis, I was able to be in New Orleans virtually thanks to my ILA membership. This one event easily paid for my membership.

Sooooooo, please consider joining MLA if you aren’t already a member.  Please also consider joining international if you are not a member. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll benefit and so will your students.

Happy Reading and Writing!

Dr. Sam Bommarito

President Missouri Literacy Association (an ILA affiliate)

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